Stay Prepared for Mosquito Season

As temperatures grow warmer, pet owners should be prepared for mosquito season, which carries the risk of heartworm disease.

Heartworm is a disease which can cause death by a parasite affecting the heart region. The mosquito is the carrier of this parasite, infecting the host by injecting this parasite into the host during a blood meal. After a blood meal, the parasite will travel to the heart over a period of 7 – 9 months. Once at the heart the female will pass offspring called larvae, which will circulate in the blood waiting for another mosquito to ingest them and start infecting other hosts.

Coughing is usually the first sign of infection.

Heartworm if prevalent in BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Southern Quebec, and most of the US.

This disease can easily be prevented by a monthly parasite treatment, during mosquito season in the above regions.

If you are travelling outside Alberta during April to November make sure your pet is on a heartworm prevention program. If you have been to one of the above regions and have not been treated for heartworm, a simple in clinic blood test will tell us if your pet has come in contact with an infected mosquito.

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